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Chef Badiane
01 January 2025 @ 12:12 pm

Welcome to 3 O'clock Fairy, a blog dedicated to food that is inspired by, taken from and modeled after Sailor Moon. Here, you will find recipes, links, and photos, as well as plenty of nostalgia and fun. While this is not a community, it's every bit as open to suggestion as one, which is the main purpose of this particular post. If you have something you think would fit right at home at 3OF, don't hesitate even a second to leave a link or suggestion in the comments of this entry. If it gets turned into a post, full credit will be given to you, and we can all enjoy the Moonie delicacies together~

If you want to try and navigate your way around a little better, the Tag cloud to the right hand of the screen is your best option. If you want to know what each Tag means, click on this cut.Collapse )

Don't ever be shy to leave a comment. 3 O'clock Fairy is about finding ways to spread the joy of Sailor Moon to everyone's tummies, and if you think you can help, then by all means do. <3

I lick the spoon tasting pudding and prunes,
Eat just a bit of chocolate,
The three o'clock fairy
Calls me to follow the melody~
Chef Badiane
24 December 2011 @ 07:20 am

If you don't celebrate Christmas, then I'm sure you can appreciate a little gingerbread Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask (and a sneaky little gingerbread Luna).
Whatever your beliefs and whatever you celebrate, I hope you have a great holidays and new year.
Food Makes you Feel:: happyfestive
Chef Badiane
30 June 2011 @ 05:14 pm

It's that time of year again! That's right, it's June 30th, otherwise known as the birthday of not only Usagi, but Chibi-Usa! I wanted to do something to celebrate (perpetual loser that I am), so I came up with three ideas that you can copy at home to spread the Sailor Moon party love; Luna Lollipops, Crisis Heart Biscuits and a Luna-P Pinata.

You're all invited to join in the fun! WARNING: Extremely image-heavy!Collapse )
And that's it! I hope you enjoyed the photos, and the recipes, and I hope you have a very merry June 30th! Merry Usagimas, everyone!

And while we're here, would you like to win some cool Sailor Moon prizes? Like a free fanart commission, some keychains, and an amulet from the real-life Hikawa Shrine in Akasaka? Then enter then June 30th Sailor Moon Giveaway! Anyone can win! Click here for more details!
Chef Badiane
Hello, all! Did you forget about us? It's been a while, but I have something new for you! I had intended to make these at the same time as the Crystal Star Cupcakes, but I forgot how easily-distracted I get when baking. So, they've been postponed until now. What are "they", you ask? Why, they're Broochies, of course!

"Brooch Cookies" - easy-to-make sugar cookies based on Usagi's first brooch!

Kids really like "smiley face" cookies, biscuits with candy stuck to the icing arranged in the shape of a face. They get to pick the sweets off and eat them first, and then have a cookie afterwards as well. These "Broochies" have the same idea, just with a Sailor Moon twist!

Here's a reference photo, just in case you forgot what it looks like.

They're obviously nowhere near as complicated as the Crystal Star Cupcakes, but they still produce a really cute effect. They're also great for getting kids involved with decorating! Maybe after you show them how to make a "proper" cookie, you can let them design their own "Sailor brooch" with a wide variety of different candy colours and shapes!

As you can see, there are two different kinds of "Broochie"; like the cupcakes, one is better looking, and the other is tastier/easier. The "Pretty" kind of Broochie is made with a strawberry Mentos "mint" and cachous (little shiny balls made of sugar) around the edge. The "Tasty" kind is made with half a pink marshmallow instead of the Mentos, and large plain sprinkles around the edge. Cachous are more of a torture than a treat - like cake fondant, they are edible, but rarely eaten. Likewise, Mentos can take a bit of chewing to eat, whereas marshmallows... well, you know, they're hella soft. So if you're making Broochies for kids, it's probably better to pick the "Tasty" kind - but if you're preparing them for people old enough to handle cachous and hard candy, the "Pretty" kind just looks a lot nicer.

What you'll need (in addition to the ingredients for your preferred sugar cookie + royal icing recipes);
* A bag of soft banana lollies
* Yellow food colouring
* Large coloured "sprinkles" OR multicoloured cachous. Make sure, whatever you pick, that it has the colours red, blue, green and yellow(/orange-ish). (Miniature M&Ms would also work very well, and might cut back on ingredients if you're also making Crystal Star Cupcakes.)
* Small, round, chewy, light pink candy (I recommend Mentos) OR pink marshmallows
* An appropriately-sized glass (read below)

If you have a sugar cookie (or any other suitable kind of cookie, really) recipe that you trust and know makes nice, flat, round cookies that hold their shape, then go ahead and use that one. If you don't have a recipe, here's the one that I used (although they may arrest us for using it outside of December). It also has a recipe for royal icing (which also holds its shape, and doesn't drip). Regular icing would leave a nice shiny finish, however, so if you want to use that instead, feel free.
Whatever cookie recipe you use, remember to add plenty of yellow food colouring; Usagi's brooch is yellow, and we want the biscuit to be, too!

After you've prepared the dough and it's setting in the fridge, now is a good time to find the right size glass to cut out your biscuit shapes.
Take one of the banana candies, and (making sure you've thoroughly washed your hands) bend it slightly so that it looks more like a crescent moon. Then take either your pink candy (I really wish I could've found a gummy candy that was the right size/shape/colour - that would be perfect!) or a marshmallow, and arrange the two pieces together on a plate like the design of the brooch. Then, find a glass that goes around both of these pieces of candy leaving about an inch of space at the edge.
When your dough has finished setting, roll it out and use the glass you picked to cut out the shapes of the cookies, then bake as per recipe. (Obviously, if your recipe makes your cookies spread a little bit, choose a glass slightly smaller than you want.) Make the royal icing, adding more yellow food colouring.

When your biscuits have cooled, take the yellow icing and gently ice a cookie so that it doesn't go right to the edge - the gap between biscuit and icing will imitate the "ridge" of the brooch. Now, take either your cachous or your sprinkles and arrange them so that they look like the circles on the edge of the brooch. Clockwise from the top, it's red, yellow(/orange), blue, green. If you're able, place them on the very edge of the icing circle, then roll/drag them more towards the edge so that they sit on the "ridge", whilst still being held in place with the icing. If not, just leave them wherever.
Then put your curved banana lolly in the middle of the cookie, where the moon is on the brooch; finally, add your pink candy, or your marshmallow, where the pink circle is. If you're using marshmallows, I suggest you cut them in half first so that they don't stand up so tall. You can cut them gently with a knife, but you don't have to be too careful, as they spring back up quite easily.
It's best to ice, and then decorate, each cookie individually rather than ice them all at once and then go to decorate, since the icing may set before you can put the candy in.

And there you go! Really simple, isn't it? Which one you should pick depends on who you're making them for, and really, which one you just like better.
They also keep for a long time, and since this recipe makes (approx.) 1 metric assload of cookies, they're a really good idea for school lunches.

Two Broochies made with cachous/chewy candy, and one in the middle made with sprinkles and a marshmallow.

Hope you enjoyed it! It's really very simple to make and the results are just so cute to look at. Having a whole bowl full of Usagi's brooches is kind of a surreal, delicious expeience! I hope you all find the time to try it out!
Chef Badiane
20 December 2010 @ 10:46 am
Long time, no see! I bet you'd forgotten about this blog! But we're not dead; we've just been very, very busy. However, today we have an adorable + delicious recipe idea, perfect for a kid's birthday party!


Crystal Star Cupcakes!

I'm sure you're all familiar with the Crystal Star, Usagi/Sailor Moon's second transformation tool, but just to refresh your memory, here's a picture;

The Crystal Star was an upgrade of Usagi's first transformation tool, a simple brooch. It transformed into this cute pink compact/locket once the Silver Crystal was placed inside.
And you know what?


For the curious, that is a Ferrero Raffaello, which is a "crispy coconut-covered wafer and a delicate pastry cream surrounding a delicious almond". It's also totally the candy equivalent of the Maboroshi no Ginzuishou/Illusionary Silver Crystal:

Yes, the Raffaello doesn't come out of the cupcake looking exactly like it did going in, but it's still delicious and a very close resemblance.

So without further ado, click on this finely-crafted cut for the recipe, walkthrough + more picturesCollapse )

Next, we're going to be looking at a couple of different Sailor Moon-themed cookies, which are a lot easier to make than these, and perfect for the Holiday season! Please look forward to them! ♥
Merry cooking, everyone!

Edit: I would suggest that you make these cakes as close as possible to the time you intend to eat them, especially if you are using icing stars instead of frosting ones. If you let them sit for too long, the decorations can become chewy, and (especially with the icing) can start to look less "crisp". The Raffaello in the middle can also get a little stale if you leave it for too long. They're not inedible, by any means, but it's best to keep them fresh!

Here's another idea: Instead of using pink icing + cupcake pans for all of them, you can make them in individual (matching colours), like blue, green, red - to make them look like the Sailor Soldiers' communicator watches, rather than just the Crystal Star. For these, you'd only use yellow M&Ms (or whatever candy pieces you prefer). You could also omit the Raffaellos for these, which is good for those who are allergic to coconut or nuts.

Like this, you can give each party-goer their own coloured cupcake! You could even get the guests to pick which Soldier they're going to be for the day, and give them a cupcake accordingly.
Chef Badiane
17 June 2010 @ 02:35 pm

Today's recipe is easy-peasy and offers great results! It's on par with the simplicity and cuteness of the Sailor Moon rice ball recipe, so there's no excuse to not try it out yourself. Kids would love seeing this wheeled out as dessert one evening, but to be honest, I think anyone would enjoy it.

It's inspired by a similar pancake I ate when I was on vacation in Japan, which was meant to look like a panda. As soon as I saw it I knew it would make a great Usa (well... maybe not as soon as I saw it. My first response was more like “OMG WAT AWWWW”).

Everything you need to know is behind the Cutie Moon Cut!Collapse )
Chef Badiane
14 June 2010 @ 04:45 pm
Tada~ Time to cut the ribbon of 3 O'clock Fairy's first entry! In it there is something pretty much everyone has probably seen by now, but can never be posted too often, and for dessert, something beautiful and sweet I have yet to see reposted anywhere else.

The main course is this adorable Sailor Moon 'charaben', short for 'character lunch'. It has been posted everywhere by now, but something this cute deserves to be seen as many times a day as possible~

Some religions give you wafers and wine; but our Messiah gives us rice balls and fish paper!

What's more, it comes with a step-by-step instruction guide to make one yourself! The original Japanese page can be found here, and the dedicated team at Miss Dream have already translated the whole thing here.

If you want to look at some even more seriously impressive Sailor Moon lunches, then this Japanese blog has some stunning (and edible!) recreations of your favourite Anime artworks.

"Usako... Usako, are you thinking of eating me right now?"
"Of course not, Mamo-chomp!"

And for desserts, here we have this beautiful Sailor Moon birthday cake!

I've seen a few Sailor Moon birthday cakes before, and the best ones tend to be ones that stick to simple designs (such as one cake that was shaped like Luna-P), because usually when someone tries to draw an anime character in frosting, it doesn't really work out very well.
This, though, is a work of art! And in case you're thinking that the baker just wussed out by sticking a figurine on a cake base, that entire sculpture is made out of edible gumpaste.

Check out that detailing!

I can only imagine that the lucky child who woke up to that on their birthday must have been over the moon about it (no pun intended).
The cake is the delicious genius of Dragonfly Cakes, which has a wide variety of equally intricate delicacies, ranging from Winnie the Pooh to Hello Kitty to even Dragon Ball Z.